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Business Planning 

Mine and sort historic data looking for patterns, strengths, weaknesses and other key insights. Use those patterns and insights to understand the current situation and develop a baseline to measure from.

Recommend specific media channels to get your message out, including print, tv, radio and outdoor. 

Media Planning

Leverage existing products and pricing, close the gaps and package products to yield higher revenues without increasing prices.

We work with a variety of organizations from local small businesses to large, public corporations and everything in between, including charitable nonprofits. Our step-by-step process makes us effective and affordable.


Consultation: Learn your vision and explore where you’ve been. Discuss the service(s) that best fits your needs.

Analysis: Mine the data, dig into the market and analyze the current situation.

Feedback: Present our interpretation of the current situation including insights and initial objectives and strategies.


Delivery: Leverage the analysis and research learnings to fine tune the objective, strategies and tactics and deliver a customized plan or service.

Execution: Whether you want to DIY or need us to fully execute, we have options available to fit your needs. Additional a la carte services include website design, social media, branding & digital marketing.



Our Services

Our Process

Brand Strategy


Create an identity that will resonate with your consumers and bridge the gap between who you are, who you want to be and who your consumer think you are while maintaining your core beliefs.

Community Relations

Launch a product, wake the market or just stay top of mind with a strategically planned campaign including timing, messaging, press releases, media pitching, blog posts, interviews & media training.

Holistic Pricing

Leverage the findings to create a systematic plan, building on each step to achieve both short and long term goals.

Market Research

Get It Done Marketing


Gathering qualitative and quantitative information about your consumers’ needs, wants and preferences through online surveys and analysis of secondary market data to build a picture of current macroeconomic factors.

Get It Done Marketing is your go-to marketer offering VP experience within your budget. We have a broad marketing background benefiting companies with a limited budget, smaller (or no) marketing teams or have just run out of bandwidth.   From consulting to short and long term freelance and project work, whatever the need we’ll get it done. Services include but are not limited to those listed below. Not sure what you need?  Give us a call anyway, a conversation is free!

Through product sampling, events, donations and sponsorship, increase market presence and build brand equity by increasing awareness in your community. 

Leverage insights from the data and research to build a detailed annual budget.

Data Mining & Analysis

Increase awareness and incentivize desired behavior through short-term, fenced-in promotions. Leverage events and strategically placed market discounts to generate revenue.

Public Relations