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Anatomy of a Marketing Plan Part 2: Draw the Map

In Part 1: Situation Analysis we discussed reflecting on your current performance and analyzing your data, market research and other macroeconomic factors. Now that you’ve brought the current situation into focus, you have a clear understanding of the direction you are headed and the data to support it. In this marketing plan segment, you will draw your roadmap to success with a summarized, over-arching look at your plan, keeping you (and your team) laser focused.

First, clearly and simply state your objective. If I approached you in the lobby and said, “What is your company’s goal this year?” you would probably rattle it off. Don’t get bogged down with fancy words or flashy statements. Keep it simple and direct. If you think you have more than one objective – think bigger. What is the common thread? If they aren’t related, consider adding a “secondary” objective.  This way you can plan for it without getting distracted from the primary objective.

Next, add 3-5 strategies based on the key learnings from the situation analysis that, when achieved, will drive you closer to the objective. These strategies are your plans to achieve the objective.  If your objective is to increase EBITDA 3% year over year, the strategies are where you tell us how with 3-5 broad brushstrokes.  How will you leverage existing assets, create new opportunities or remove barriers? The key insights gleaned from the situation analysis will help you here. You’re still not talking in great detail. Save that for the tactics. Keep your strategies at an elevation of 50,000 feet.

Articulate 4-5 “SMART” tactics per strategy. These tactics should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.  When I start to list tactics for each individual strategy I like to think through each of the marketing disciplines.  What can PR do to support this strategy? Advertising (digital, traditional, outdoor and non-traditional), promotions, sales, social media?

Use a table like the example below to help you organize your objective, strategies and tactics.  Fit this to one page and you have an easy to read summary of your plan.  When you find yourself presented with opportunities, this one-page plan summary will make decisions easier.  Ask yourself “Does this opportunity align with any of these strategies?” If the answer is no, move on. In addition, this one-page summary will make it easier for you and the team to rally around the plan and keep everyone laser focused on the objective.

Example Marketing Plan Summary
Example Marketing Plan Summary

You’re almost there! Don’t miss the final installment of Anatomy of a Marketing Plan – Part 3: Action Plan next week. Connect with me on LinkedIn or “like” Get It Done Marketing on Facebook today to see it in your news feed.

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