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The New Year's Tent Pole

As the calendar flips to January the new year is like a blank canvas waiting for our success to be painted. New Year’s is a major tent pole in the year. Personally, it is a time of reflection and new beginnings. As a business, it is a time to reassess goals for the new year and the progress made towards achieving them.

If you completed your marketing plan months ago, now is the time to review what you’ve accomplished. Have you reached the milestones you expected to hit by Dec. 31? Are your current tactics and activities aligned with your overarching strategy? Has the market changed?

Communication & Accountability:

Whether your team is just returning from a relaxing holiday break or catching their breath after a long holiday event season, January is a good time to huddle and review 2019’s goals and marketing strategies with them. It’s also a good time to review their individual goals. Do they align with the company’s goals? Are they specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (SMART)? Does everyone know how their goals align with other teams to achieve the company‘s goal?


When was the last time you shared with the team how you are tracking progress? Does everyone know what success looks like? Paint them a descriptive picture, such as 50k season pass unit sales means 150k visits. What is the impact of 2019 on 2020 and beyond? Hitting your numbers in 2019 may be the difference between a coaster or a waterslide in 2022.

Tools and Empowerment:

Do you and your team have the tools you need to achieve your goals? Are you collecting and reviewing customer data? Are you leveraging free tools like Google Analytics and Survey Monkey? Are you reviewing the data? Are you reading numbers or the story the numbers are telling you?

Have a goal but no plan?

No worries. What are 3-5 strategies you can execute to reach your goal? If the benefits of these items don’t equate to your goal, then you need more impactful strategies. Each should be an overarching direction with numerous, specific tactics.

For example, if your goal is to increase revenue 5%, from $48.5M to $51M, your four strategies could include: 1. New packages and ticket programs increasing ticket per cap X%; 2. Leverage marketable capital to drive an X% year-over-year promotional attendance increase; 3. Add three new exclusive events to drive X% season pass attendance increase and; 4. New birthday party packages to drive X% incremental group sales revenue.

You’ll need to add some more specific details but you get the idea. Next, you will add even more specific tactical activities in support of those four major strategies. Finally, it’s time to execute your plan!

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