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Structure, Strategy, Execution

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

You can do a lot of things if you put your mind to it. You can do even more if you prepare. As 2017 rapidly comes to a close are you really ready for 2018? Have you planned for changing market conditions or do you expect business to change because the calendar flipped to January 1? Fear not, it is never too late to reset and put your best foot forward.

The end of the year is as good a time as any to reflect on the prior year and have an honest conversation about the short and long-term future of your organization. Look at your marketing group through three lenses: structure, strategy, execution.


Is your current marketing team aligned for success in today’s market or does your organizational chart look like an old episode of Friends?  Is the sales team aligned with the marketing team’s initiatives and vice versa?  Do you still have resources dedicated to a business segment that is on a multi-year downward trend? Are you spending a ton of money on a PR strategy when the company has pivoted to traditional media spending?

I am NOT saying its time to lay a bunch of people off.  It is however a good time to reassign positions to align with current conditions and those of the foreseeable future. Review your team’s goals and incentive plans one last time to ensure they are aligned with the organizations goals.


Double check your marketing plan to ensure it still meets the needs of the business.  Did you achieve the full year results that were forecasted when you built your plan a couple months ago? Don’t start the year off with bad assumptions. Make sure you have communicated the plan to the entire organization. Alignment is critical to success. If no one knows the goals and the plan to get there everyone will be rowing in different directions.


A good plan is no good if it sits on the shelf.  Writing the plan is only half way to the goal.  Now you need to execute it.  Stay disciplined and laser focused on the strategies and tactics you outlined in your plan. Stick to your timelines, provide your team with the tools to do their job effectively and hold them accountable.

Remember success is a marathon not a sprint.

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